2019: Clique of retired military endorses Mark for presidency


Mark has the requisite experience and he has the deep knowledge of the Nigerian nation, said the Alumni Association of 3rd Regular Course of Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) as it endorsed PDP presidential aspirant, David Mark.

A statement by Mark’s media assistant stated members of the association declared that he is the stimulus needed to address the security, socio-political and economic challenges facing the nation.

The endorsement came during the association’s annual general meeting in Abuja on Saturday with a resolution to support Mr Mark’s ambition. The attendees mentioned his wealth of experience, both in the military and democratic dispensation, as a reason for the support.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the association was held to mark the 51stanniversary of members’ admission and enlistment into the Nigerian Army (between 1967 and 1970).

The spokesman of the association, Tunde Ogbeha, said the association identifies with Mr Mark and commends his courage for his ambition.

“We will support him to ensure that he succeeds. In supporting him, we will be guided by democratic tenets and within the ambits of the law,” he said.

According to him, the association has no doubt that Mr Mark’s leadership of Nigeria would usher in an era of prosperity for the nation if elected.

Earlier, the chairman of the association, Mr Mark, noted that the association was born out of patriotism to serve the nation.
“Either in or out of service, we have resolved to continue to serve the nation and keep the entity as one united country,” he said.

He said Nigeria is endowed with abundant human and material resources which need to be harnessed for the good of all citizens.
The former Senate president has promised to tackle poverty, unemployment and neglect.
The Benue senator will be joining 17 other asptrants in the PDP to slug it out for the ticket.