2019: Youth coalition touts Hagher for president


    The United Youth Coalition of Nigeria (UYCN) has settled for Prof. Iyorwuese Hagher, a scholar, politician and diplomat, as their next presidential material ahead of the 2019 general elections.

    The coalition, comprising of 15 youth organisations across the country, said they opted for Hagher who “scored over 90 per cent of the criteria set for ‘a philosopher king’ presidential material for Nigeria in 2019.”

    Delivering their 9-point criteria at press conference in Abuja, the convener, Engr. Robert Achenge insisted that Nigeria’s next president must be a public intellectual with the minimum qualification of graduate advanced degree(s) from recognised universities; “who has published a body of works from where his social and political vision about Nigeria and the African condition are readily available.”

    Besides, he must show desire to restructure and redesign Nigeria with a common worldview and common goals and destiny, and “demonstrate the ability to lead the country from its present economic level of pre-modernity to hypermodernity by establishing the connection and linkages between education, human capital development and the global knowledge economy.

    They said “such a ‘Philosopher King’ president will truly build national unity and save us from the small worldview of ethnic and religious bigotry and exclusions. Only a brilliant mind will be above the evil of nepotism and can assemble a dream team of like-minded brilliant minds to get Nigeria out of the pit into which she is lying.
    “The next president must be a person with strong family values. She must also have demonstrated maturity and had a broad life experiences living and working among diverse local or global communities. His personal character must eschew greed for materialism and must be a person of great humility,” the coalition submitted.

    “He/she must demonstrate unusual courage in challenging public corruption and poor performance through his/her writings or life experiences. He/she must not be perceived to be corrupt nor engaged in any act of human rights abuse.”

    Stating its choice, the coalition said “Hagher’s public service record is unblemished. Above all he is very humble and believes in youth development and the vision of a greater and united Nigeria. This is the type of president Nigeria needs to gain internal unity and global respect.”