ALGON endorses Bindow for 2019

    By Tom Garba, Yola
    The Association of Local Government of Nigeria (ALGON), Adamwa State, under the Chairmanship of Barr Aliyu Wakili Boya, has endorsed the State Governor, Mohammadu Umaru Jibrila Bindow, for re-election in 2019. The association reiterated its total support to the governor.  
    Wakili Boya, explained that the reasons for the endorsement of the governor for second term is because of the giants strides of development in the state where the 17 Local Government Areas are witnessing the presence of state government projects.
    “We realised you are our sellable candidate, a walkover candidate in 2019. And we are here to pledge our total loyalty to you. What you want is what we want, your direction in Adamawa politics is our direction. We are supporting you 100 per cent.” Aliyu said.
    Aliyu assembled all the 21 LGAs Chairmen, 52 area administrators and 226 councilors for the solidarity visit to the Governor and thank him for his humane style of leadership in the state that is bringing rapid development.
    “Your Excellency, we are the grassroots politicians in the state and we are here for our solidarity visit, one of its kind to pay our loyalty to you, assuring that 2019 is a walkover for us against any candidate. You have finished the campaigns for us with your massive infrastructural development.
    “Sir, we are your foot soldiers, the state’s political unit managers; and we are all here to tell you thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve our people and our work is all going to be for you in 2019,” the ALGON Chairman declared.
    Aliyu, who is also the Sarkin Matasan Adamawa, said the issue of godfatherism is dying in Adamawa State because Bindow has given the people of the state, especially, the Youths, leverage to contest an election without having any political godfather to be elected into any political office.
    While reacting to the endorsement assurances by the state ALGON, Governor Jibrilla asked for special prayers for President Muhammadu Buhari to succeed and for God to give him divine health to take the country out of the scrunches of underdevelopment.
    According to him President Buhari meant well for Nigerians and the country and need support from everyone for him to succeed.
    He advise the grassroots politicians to avoid all forms of political feud and rancour but to unite for the success of 2019 general elections.