Anambra: S/West senator says Makarfi brought ill-luck to PDP

Chairman of the PDP National Caretaker Committee Ahmed Makarfi and his tenure are “a disaster and the worst nightmare for our party.
Ogun Sen. Buruji Kashamu stated this following the defeat of the PDP in the Anambra governorship election held on Saturday. APGA’s candidate and incumbent Gov. Willie Obiano won the contest hands down.
In a statement he issued on Sunday Kashamu said, “it is clear that Makarfi and his allies brought ill-luck to the PDP,”
“Makarfi and his team came as if they were the saviour that the PDP was waiting for but they have turned out to be the ones who are killing the party with their illegality, impunity and self-centredness. They believe they can do anything and get away with it.
According to him, the PDP leadership bypassed all the popular aspirants, and was sold the ticket to an unpopular candidate, against democratic norms.
“It was bad enough that the interim National Secretary, Senator Ben Obi, lost his ward; that the constituents were rejoicing over his disgraceful loss is indicative of outright communal irrelevance,” Kashamu noted.
“This calls for concern from our national leaders that specialise in unreasonable harmonisation and imposition of unpopular candidates over the popular ones.”
Kahamu also revealed that Makarfi has sime hidden agenda for zoning the [arty’s national chairmanship to the south.
He said it is regrettable that “Makarfi is surprisingly betraying his constituency, the North, and reducing the PDP to a southern or regional party because of his presidential agenda.
“Anyone who wants to become anything in the PDP would have to first go and pay obeisance to a demi-god in Rivers State and his orchestra special assistant from Afao-Ekiti, Ekiti State.”
“Thus, logic is likely to prevail over the thinking that elections at the national convention shall be a bazaar for the highest bidder, irrespective of the likely hazard to the existence of the party. This will discourage the misappropriation of state funds for unworthy political misadventures.”
But Kashamu said he knows that the zoning arrangement which he said betrays the north won’t work because an average northerner is “politically sagacious”.