APC chieftain urges Buhari not to seek re-election


President Muhammad Buhari has been urged by a ruling Chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Muazu Magaji, to disregard those encouraging him to run for another term in 2019. Magaji divulged this whilst speaking to newsmen on Tuesday, November 7 2017.

Putting the President’s age and health on the table, Magaji pointed out that the recent political methods and pressures show that the President will be unable to cope, ergo the need to step down for a younger candidate.

Magaji said, “Honestly, if you ask me I will say that the President has given so much to this country and he has done so much within his coming into the democratic space that the limitations that we have highlighted now have the potential to ruin his integrity and reputations if he continues this way unless he addresses them, and we have analysed here that addressing them might be difficult for him. I think there is a milestone in democracy that you might say even if I am given 10 years there is much I can do, but if I set the foundation and I am happy I have restored confidence and I have brought hope back, then I could get younger people.”

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“Even the President himself complained about his age when he came into power in 2015and complained about the dirty process within the polity which is not in tandem with what he is used to.”

“So, there are political dynamics that he is not capable of assimilating, therefore we need some politicians that are vibrant, younger and capable of managing the dynamics of diabolical plans of some politicians against the state and check-mating them.”

Magaji also added that younger politicians should be sought after for the re-election in 2019 to preserve the legacy of the nation.

Giving young politicians opportunities like this aids in boosting morale and an advancement in the economy.

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