We are under armed siege in Palmgrove


    By Mayowa Akanbi

    Residents of Palmgrove have lamented the dearth of security provision in their community. For some time now, the problem of insecurity which used to be one of the lowest in the hierarchy of social problems facing this community has now assumed alarming proportions since the end of the Nigerian civil war which ended in 1970.

    Since the past decade, government expenditure and security have taken a chunk of the Federal, State and local budgets in the name of security votes and other related sub-heads. The people living in this community feel they are exposed to arm attack anytime. There are no security agent working in the environment. The only security provided are the one created by themselves which are the night watchers {olode}.  There are no police stations around that can be run to in case of emergency.

    In an interview with National Daily, Mr. Ayo, a resident of Palmgrove said, “two days ago 5 generators was stolen in their community and there was no police station to report to. They had to wait till the next day to place a complaint which is really bad.”

    “This issue of security is really affecting us in a negative way and we are urging the government to do something about it because the next time these criminals show up, we cannot predict what we are going to do to them,” Mr. Ayo threatened.  Mr. Tunde also told National Daily that this is a festive period and “everyone is looking for money including these boys which means that the rate of stealing will increase most especially in a community like

    ours where there is no standard security for us and our families”.

    The people of Palmgrove are pleading to the government to provide adequate security for their community for peaceful coexistence.