Baba De Baba, Dad in new skit: How comedian’s non supporting father became a cast on son’s film

By Ediale Kingsley
Baba De Baba, real name Chidi Uzoma, is in the news again. This time, not for controversial reasons, but an emotional one. He has gone on set to make a a skit in the Igbo dialect. However, the news is that he has featured his father, Martins Uzoma Ugo, in the skit tittled Bomboy.
In the Igbo comedy skit, Baba De Baba’s dad played the role of a tribalistic landlord whose tenants are a mix of Yorubas and Igbos. He hates the Yoruba tenants but he refused to evict them because they pay their rents and utility bills on time while the Igbo tenant whom he loves so much is his major problem in the compound.
National Daily asked him why he picked his dad as a cast for the skit, “my dad is funny and he used to write comic books when I was very young. in fact he wrote some of the jokes I started comedy with and he accepted because he loves acting and needed him on my set”.
Baba De Baba told us why he decided to do the skit in Igbo language was simply because he had an idea of doing something in his native dialect and as such he moved to give the idea a try. He said it’s not about the call for Biafra as he is not a Biafran but a Nigerian.
“I had fun with my dad on set because I had time to stay with him for long after a long time” he said.
In all these emotional connection on set, it is also important to note that Martins Uzoma who wanted his son to be an engineer, never supported his boy’s comedy invasion initially.  “He started loving me when people started recognising and celebrating him just because he’s my father”.
Martins Uzoma may as well share in that stardom as his son doesn’t plan making this the last collaboration. Baba De Baba says his dad will now be a constant feature in his skits.
The skit also featured Baba De Baba, Naija Gal, Chichi Daniels, Onasile Olaleke, Olalekan Onileyan, Mr Perfect, Laff Ambassador and Iyk Man.

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