Baba Dee announces Lagos Urban Music Festival, says Telecoms give artistes too little for their work


Popular dancehall singer, Baba Dee, whose real name is Dare Fasasin, spoke with Ediale Kingsley recently. The elder brother to SoundSultan is quite an item in the Entertainment sphere. As part of the COSON board he spoke about the copyright management issues in Nigeria as well as gave us a preview of his upcoming music festival.

IT’S always nice to see you in the showbiz either as an actor, a musician or just a brilliant event host. You seem to have tuned down acting and singing a bit now. What’s the reason?
After my feature film. I started work on my new album and couple of new videos so its safe to say I,m back on the musical tip.
And you have a music festival happening soon tell us about that.
Lagos urban music festival has been a project the Naija ninja company having been working on for years this is the second edition and the company is partnering with the lagos state government and indomie. it’s going down on the 1st of october check out for more details.
Cool. We hear you have a lot of artistes locked down on this one. Do you intend making it an international event any time soon. Or it’s strategically for the Nigerian performers.
This year was suppose to mark the international edition of the festival but its unfortunate the economic recession hasnt done events any good next year promise to include europe and Caribbean afro oriented acts

Talking about the recession. How has Naija Ninja fared. More like how is business for your establishment?
The whole of the entertainment industry has been effected , but I know its a general sacrifice for the rebirth of our nation it shall pass over soon.

I know this was something of the past. But my readers didnt get to read it. So permit me to ask. You scolded Davido when he went disrespecting Dele Momodu. Was that all there was? Or did Davido also reacted against your comments?
I prefer not to talk about that….its in the past .

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Let’s talk about the music industry of the times. What issues do you think isn’t getting the necessary attention?
Distribution of music and copyrigth management…

You were and I believe still a member of COSON. Hasn’t the copyright issues been delt with to a comfortable level?
I am on the board of coson and copyright managemnt has been a challenge because a lot of people still dont get it.

Isn’t that suppose to be the JOB of COSON? Why is it that difficult for people to comply? More so COSON has the legal backings as a tool and enforcement aide

Its a new terrain and the awareness is still very poor besides the government needs to do a whole lot more. Digital distribution has replaced cd sales for music but how much is the record company and the artist getting from the telecoms for their works less than 15 percent . Who does that?

Cool. But is COSON winning? What’s the hope? What are the areas of victory already?
The radios are paying for the use of music that is unprecedented
One last word for your fans and the readers.
New album and a new movie soon from our stable keep supporting the naija ninja brand

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