Baptist Church Ipaja worshippers protest kill‎ings

    The members of the First Baptist Church, of 6 Ogunbiyi Street, Olude Ipaja, on Sunday held a peaceful protest to voice their resentment against the killings across the country, especially in the Middle Belt region.

    Hundreds of worshippers with various inscriptions on placards demanded an end to the killings which are allegedly being carried out by herdsmen. They also demanded the prompt release of Leah Sharibu, the kidnapped Dapchi girl still in the custody of Boko Haram.

    The Senior Pastor of the church, Micheal Adeoye Abodurin , accused the Federal Government of not doing enough in arresting the ugly situation that has led to the loss of lives and properties in major places like Benue.

    He particularly frowned at the killing of worshippers in a Catholic‎ Church last week.

    He said: “The killings of worshippers inside the church is condemnable, and the only way the federal government can show their sincerity is to go after the preparators to arrest them and try and serve justice. Until the federal government does that, the Church of God will not keep quiet.”

    “We condemn the activities of the herdsmen that are killing people, herdsmen have no reason to carry gun and the evil they are perpetrating in the Middle Belt is enough.” He added.

    On the matter of the pronouncement that went viral about youths being lazy, the Pastor disagrees. He thinks the Nigerian youths have not been taking seriously. “The nation enslaves the youths and brings Chinese task masters to lord over them. We need to take our youths more seriously and give them the opportunity to be all they can be”.

    Pastor Adeoye also questioned why the federal government is yet to secure the release of Leah, months after her fellow Dapchi girls were released.

    “Leah that was captured recently we want her release unconditionally with no further delays, the government should also make sure the yet to be released Chibok girls also get their freedom,” he said.

    The Christian Association of Nigeria embarked on a massive mobilisation of churches across the federation for peaceful protests on Sunday against incessant killings by suspected herdsmen in the country.