Battle of brands: Peak, Dano, others jostle for supremacy

By Odunewu Segun

In the last few months, the battle for market share in the milk segment has assumed a new dimension, with major milk brands in Nigeria making multi-billion Naira investments to radically energise their marketing communications strategies in preparation for improved market share.

 One brand that has stood the test of time and succeeded in fulfilling the role of market leader in the dairy segment of the market in Nigeria is Peak milk, a product from the stables of FrieslandCampina WAMCO, an affiliate of Royal FrieslandCampina of the Netherlands.

 In response to the threat from new brands led by Cowbell, Peak milk made a transition into packaging their products in smaller sachets, both in powdered form and evaporated.

 This response, in due time, allowed Peak to make in-roads into the homes of the lower class consumers in the country.

Taking a sit behind the chiefly position of Peak, is Three Crowns, which is widely sold in the open market and shopping malls. Though the Peak rack empties faster than that of Three Crowns, this does not undermine the market power that Three Crowns holds.

 According to findings, the Nunu brand is barely visible in the market; it is believed to be struggling in the midst of low financial support and market forces.  Jago on its part is also struggling to gain market share. Despite several activities which the owners have tried to institute to improve its image and visibility, more still needs to be done.

 Gone are the days when some milk brands such as Peak, Nido, and Dano were positioned as elitist brands; today the manufacturers have come to realise that they cannot just play in the elite market and survive the onslaught posed by contending brands like Nunu, Miksi, Loya, Coast and Three Crowns brands.

 Another brand that reigned in the milk market was Nido, a product of Nestle Nigeria Plc, the brand did so well that it earned the respect of pupils and students in higher institutions. Sadly, the brand has not been able to compete with its peers in the market.

Interestingly, the smaller brands such as Jago, owned by Sosaco Nigeria, Nunu from PZ, and Blue Boat marketed by Ranona have upped the ante in grams, taste, and packaging, all directed towards arresting the attention of consumers.

 The recent frenzy in the segment has essentially been triggered by increasing demand for safe and affordable milk and dairy products in Nigeria, occasioned by improving living standards and growing enlightenment about the nutritional benefits of milk and dairy products to humans’ physical and mental wellbeing and growth, especially for adolescents.