Benue Flood: Tsav tongue-lashes government for ineptitude, corruption

    The former Commissioner of Police in Lagos State, Alhaji Abubakar Tsav (retd) has attributed the flooding of areas in Makurdi due to torrential rain to corruption, ineptitude  and deceit by the Benue State government.
    He accused former and present government of awarding construction works that were fully paid for without the work done.
    In statement made available to National Daily said that “So long as we refuse to see and speak the truth, so long shall our problems continue to multiply.”
    Emphasising the health implication of the flood, Tsav explained that “the flooding may result to the outbreak of epidemic in Makurdi Area and environs.
    “This flood has submerged houses and filled wells with all impurity and this is where some people get their  drinking water. We may have outbreak of cholera in Benue State if appropriate action is not taken.
    Linking the blockage of drainages to the inaction of the government, he observed that if they have done the right thing, those drainages would have been cleared which would have enhanced free flow of running water.
    “The flood situation is worsened by the blockage of drainages which have been turned into refuse disposal dumps. Government agency responsible for clearing of refuse in the city is not doing its job and no one is saying anything about it.
    “The people are abandoned to themselves and to their fate. Consequently, they are also exposed to health hazards.
    “We have an irresponsible government in place. It would be recalled that during the Gov Akume’s administration, a contract for the construction of IDYE  erosion control channel was awarded to CAD Construction Limited.
    “The contract was given to a company owned by Dr Iorchia Ayu with a contract cost of N700 million. The money was fully paid; but the job was not done until now.
    “We expected Gov Ortom to probe the contract but he did not. Instead he awarded more FAD contracts to the same company,” Tsav reiterated.
    It was learnt that the flood that ravaged major towns in Makurdi trapped many people in their homes especially in Zone 4 area and at Akucha.
    Tsav lamented that despite the huge losses suffered by the residents, no government official including Gov Ortom has gone there to sympathise with them.
    “It’s terribly unfortunate,” Tsav concluded.