Bewitched, crocodile brings back man day after attack
A day after killing a man swimming in the Lempake River, Berau, Indonesia, a saltwater crocodile brought back in its jaws its dead prey thanks to a witchdoctor who summoned the killer beast
Syarifuddin, the 41-year-old victim, was swimming with his friends when the 5-metre-long amphibian snagged at him, and took him down the river depths Tuesday night.
The police rescue team later searched in vain for his dead body.
Berau villagers then consulted a local wiz who specialises in bewitching crocs.
He cast his spell, and the crocodile swam up Wednesday, with Sarifuddin’s fairly mangled corpse hanging in its snout.
Crocodiles, zoologists say, don’t swallow. They take a bit-size of their prey–a chunk at a time.
So–that Syarifuddin’s body was still there was no wow.
But that the spell-bound predator could bring it back was the stunner.
The salt water species are the largest.