Boko Haram provokes new sanctions by US

The United States has slammed new sanctions on Boko Haram and its factional leader Mus’ab al-Barnawi, in the efforts to deal with IS and its franchises across the world.
The leaders included in the new sanctions are Mr. al-Barnawi and Mahad Moalim from Somalia and seven organisations in Africa and Asia, linked to Islamic state (ISIS), were added to the list.
Mr. al-Barnawi was the spokesperson for Boko Haram before the group pledged allegiance to ISIL.
The Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control said the additions include ISIS-Philippines, ISIS-Bangladesh, ISIS-West Africa, ISIS-Egypt, ISIS-Somalia, Jund al-Khilafah-Tunisia, also known as ISIS-Tunisia, and the Philippines-based Maute Group, also known as Islamic State of Lanao.
According to Reuters,the U.S. State Department, in a separate statement, said that it had
designated 40 Islamic State leaders and operatives dating back to 2011 under an order aimed at denying them access to the U.S. financial system, including the latest additions.
“These designations are part of a larger comprehensive plan to defeat ISIS that, in coordination with the 75-member Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS, has made significant progress toward that goal.
“This effort is destroying ISIS in its safe havens, denying its ability to recruit foreign terrorist fighters, stifling its financial resources, negating the false propaganda it disseminates over the internet and social media, and helping to stabilise liberated areas in Iraq and Syria so the displaced can return to their homes and begin to rebuild their lives,” the statement added.
The Nigerian government claims it has defeated Boko Haram, but the group have been launching surprise attacks on villages and federal troops, carrying out frequent suicide mission and kidnaps  in addition.

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