Bonucci: I will one day coach Juventus

Leonardo Bonucci, day after day, makes no secret of being back in the place where he always wanted to be: “In Juventus there are rigor and seriousness, my dream is to be able to train in the future”. This implies that the transition to Milan in the summer of 2017 was a mistake: “Difficult decision taken in a moment of anger, now I understand that instinct can make us make wrong choices”.
Bonucci, in his interview with Corriere dello Sport, explains why he loves the Bianconeri colors: “Here he is like a family, I was welcomed as if I had never left him: they make you feel at home. a mentality with which everyone is aiming towards the same goal “. And the differences with Allegri? “It happens to have discussions also lit. But then we clarify, we shake hands and goes forward.Its best talent is intelligence, so manages to manage a very important dressing room”.
This year we are strongly focused on the Champions League: “I would like to cancel the Cardiff final, we really believed it, the company built an important rose to realize that dream: with Cristiano Ronaldo everything becomes more credible. quality work “.
In the future he sees himself on the bench: “And being able to become an important coach of a great team, possibly Juventus, which is why I’m putting aside everything I’ve seen from the coaches I’ve had in my career”.