Boy trapped in lift after urinating on control panel

    A boy became stuck in a malfunctioning lift after he urinated all over the buttons. The unnamed boy was captured on CCTV aiming a stream of urine at the control panel, moving it up and down so it was fully doused.
    He then zips up his trousers and gets ready to leave, but things go wrong as the doors open slightly then shut and stay closed. He can then be seen to panic, jabbing at the damp buttons as the lift remains motionless.
    The lift goes dark, as the boy seemingly becomes a victim of his own joke. Local media reported he had to be rescued by building maintenance staff and didn’t suffer any lasting injury (except to his pride).
    The footage from Chongqing in south-west China has gone viral in Asia as people share the video – mostly without much sympathy for the boy’s plight. He denied doing anything to cause the lift to break, but the reason quickly became obvious to his rescuers after they reviewed CCTV.
    The boy’s urine is believed to have entered the control panel square beneath the buttons, causing it to short-circuit and cut out entirely. His parents, who live in the building with him, reportedly refused to accept this was possible.
    ‘He can’t pee that high,’ they were quoted as saying in local media – until they saw the
    security footage. The lift is still under maintenance, with the family expected to compensate for the damage caused by the boy.