Buhari Youth Organization Intensifies advocacy for local content

    The Buhari Youth Organisation, Lagos State Chapter has counseled the Federal Government to put in place all encompassing policies that would project local contents and upscale the nation’s economy.
    The State Coordinator and the General Secretary of the organisation, Mr AdbulWaheed Odunuga and Mr Adekunle Aderibigbe, respectively, made the plea in a statement they jointly signed in Lagos.
    According to them, Nigerians and government officials should be made to patronise what is produced, offered or manufactured here in Nigeria to promote local, infant industries and economy at large.
    “We are calling on the Federal Government to enforce laws that will ensure these officials are compelled to patronize public goods and services only in as much has the country has the capacity to provide it.
    “Any official that is not ready to sacrifice his or her personal taste or choice for the development of the country should not dare taking up responsibilities to serve.
    “This foreign choice attitude provided the room for Corruption and Money laundering which must be blocked,” the group said
    According to them, elected officials should not be running abroad for medical check-up except for extreme cases that are linked to security concerns.
    They said that foreign experts and facilities should be deplored in the country to build health sector  to discontinue taking patients abroad for treatment.
    The youth leaders urged the Federal Government to ensure provision of world-class health services with huge investments in health facilities.
    The duo also urged the government to standardise  such amenities like rail, road, electricity to save the country of huge resources officials spend on private jets, generators.
    “Besides, on no account should an appointed, elected officials travel abroad except if it is official, in the interest of the country and the general masses.
    “It gladdens the minds of Nigerians that there is an improvement in the economy based on the recent publication by Dr Yemi Kale, the Statistician General of the Federation.
    “This shows a slight fall in general price levels of goods and services but to the masses, it does not mean it is all over nor does it mean there is more to eat as they still struggle to gain access to basic needs of life.
    “While the Federal Government is doing so much to alleviate these social issues, there are several other coffers that we need to open.
    “These will certainly unlock possibilities to give access to basics to bulk of the less privileges,” the duo said.
    The youth leaders said that the creative industry had attracted several youths but also provided huge brain drain and capital export.
    According to them, when entertainers and artists gain the required momentum and brand, they leave the country to add value to foreign countries.
    “The Federal Government must enforce policies that ensure they identify, appraise, appreciate and engage these gifted Nigerians for them to see the need to add these values to the country.
    “This will in-turn attract fans and investments from the international platform.
    “The last Big Brother Nigeria was an insult to Nigeria considering the fact that it was produced from South Africa with contents that were not aligning with our culture,” they said.
    The group frowned at government officials seeking education for their children outside the country, saying such action would continue to keep the nation’s education system backward.
    They frowned at the continuous closure of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso, Oyo State and other tertiary institutions while children of political class school abroad.
    “Why should politicians, appointees and elected officials should send their children away from the country they are serving to abroad for education with monies earned within or from the National Treasury?
    “If we do not implement laws that will guide against these leakages then there will be no improvement in the educational sector. If Aregbesola and or Ajimobi’s children are currently schooling in Ladoke Akintola University will the school be on strike for so long?
    “While the students are building devil advocates mind, the government’s children are being celebrated as graduates abroad.
    “The education sector will continue to derail if the law is not compelling the attitudinal change from the leaders to patronize public services especially if capital exportation continues.”
    The group said that there was so much to showcase about education if the country adopted the Singaporean and Finnish educational system.

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