Buhari’s speech calls for unity – PPA



    The National Chairman of the Progressive Peoples Alliance (PPA), Chief Peter Ameh, has that said President Muhammadu Buhari’s broadcast on Monday would strengthen Nigeria as a nation.

    Ameh stated this in a media interaction in Abuja while reacting to the broadcast.
    He had said that he, particularly, appreciated the guide on indivisibility of the country provided by the meeting between Buhari and the late Chief Emeka Ojukwu as recalled by the president. He said that he had no problem with the president spending over 100 days outside the country on medical vacation but that there was need to strengthen the country’s health institutions.

    Ameh said: “The only problem we have as an opposition party is that our medical institutions should have been strengthened enough.

     “In the 21st century, putting your president in the hands of another country is not safe, because if they have something against us they can harm him.

    “You see the high level of investigation that people are doing in the world, America having 750 spies in Russia, and Russia having the same thing.

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     “You can imagine how much they have here and we are talking about the health of our president and the state, because it is also connected with the future of our country.

     “Let our educational system be strong; let people not go for education tourism. Let our health system be strong and let our president not go for medical tourism. “Buhari has gone on medical tourism, but let the person coming after him not go. Let him be able to establish structures that will address medical tourism outside. “I hope that the leadership of the country will use this as a force to develop health institutions in the country.”

    On why the president did not speak on the state of his health, he said that Buhari may have decided to make it personal as no constitutional provision compelled him to make it public.

     “Maybe he has his reservations but transparency should be brought to the process and Nigeria should keep praying for him.

    “I don’t belong to his party, I don’t share the idea of his party but I do not wish him dead,’’ the PPA chairman said.

    He prayed for full recovery of the president to enable concentrate on the governance of the country and make Nigerians to benefit from the resources that God gave to the country. He added, “We need somebody that will be able to pilot the affairs of the country in a way that everybody will be happy.”