Carry out background checks on personal aides – Police warn

The Enugu State Police Command has warned members of the public, office holders and business moguls to always carry out comprehensive background checks before employing personal aides.
The force said that it becomes necessary as investigation has revealed that some personal aides compromises the security of their bosses.
The spokesman of the command, Superintendent Ebere Amaraizu, gave the warning on Wednesday in Enugu.
He explained that at times some dubious personal aides connive with criminal elements to do something sinister with a view to getting at their bosses.
He noted that such leaked security information put their bosses at risk there is the need to guard against such occurrence through knowing whom you are employing.
Amaraizu said that apart from given out information, some actually engage in “outright sell out of their bosses. It is not just enough to see someone and employ him, especially when the person would be your personal aide like a messenger, driver, cook or a security guard attached to you or to your home.
“It is not just enough to say that a trusted friend of yours recommended or directed the aide to you for employment before picking him.
“There is a great need today, with the prevailing dynamism of crime, to conduct a thorough background check as well as know the antecedent of any would-be aide.
“Thorough background check and antecedent’s data would help you to understand the person better as well as be able to monitor if an aide had started having change in character and friends,”. he reiterated.
He called on members of the public to be mindful of what they say in presences of their aides saying such confidential matter could be revealed by such aides.

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