Chef stunned as crab grabs knife
    A crab pulled a stunt by wielding a knofe so huge that it’s longer than the creature’s entire body.
    And footage of the moment a chef ran into the meanest crustacean in the streets proves that the crab is handy with the blade, too.
    The bizarre video, filmed in Malaysia, shows man and crab engaged in an epic knife battle for about 25 seconds.
    Hilariously, the crab appears to concede at the end of the fight, dropping the weapon and raising its claws in a possible sign of surrender.
    Either that or it’s realised that thumbs are superior to claws after all. However, the creature puts up more than a fair fight and even swaps the knife from claw to claw during the video.
    Simpson It’s not known where the crab came from, where it honed its skills with the blade, or whether it was spared following its noble surrender.
    But what we can safely assume is that crabs know how to handle knives now, and that can’t be good for humanity.