Customs chief declares war on Senate

  • says I wasn’t employed to wear uniform
The last has not been heard in the lingering battle between the National Assembly and the Comptroller General of Customs, Col. Hameed Ali (retd), over the wearing of uniform.
Col. Ali on Friday on TVC declared war on Senate saying he was not employed to wear uniform but appointed to work effectively to get result.
Following discrepancies trailing Customs decision to compel car owners to pay customs duties where such moneys were not paid by the importer, the Senate ordered the CGC to appear before it next Wednesday, March 15, in his official uniform as a customs officer.
National Daily gathered that Col Ali (retd) was summoned by the senators over the Customs’ new order, asking all old vehicles to pay customs duty.
He said: “No! I was not appointed Comptroller General of Customs to wear uniform. Does uniform work or the person behind the uniform? Am I doing my job or not? I think that should be what should worry the National Assembly.”
He cleared air on the recent invasion of the Sango Ota motor park market in Ogun State where thousands of bags of rice were allegedly carted away on the allegation that they were smuggled.
In his response, Ali said: “If we suspect that smuggled items are taken into your house, we have the right to cordon that house and go in to search for that goods.”

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