Ecobank targets more customers with enhanced digital platforms

By Odunewu Segun

Ecobank Nigeria said it hopes to increase its customer’s base in Nigeria to more than 40 million in the next five years, representing 40 per cent of the 100 million-customer target of the group by its adoption of a more proactive digital channels.

Managing Director of Ecobank, Charles Kie, who made the disclosures in Lagos, noted that the bank is making banking as simple as possible, giving the power to customers to do it themselves wherever they are.

According to him, what financial inclusion “means for Ecobank is the ability to allow more people into the banking space, doing their transactions in cheaper and quicker ways.”

He maintained that some of the significant steps already taken include the ability of every citizen to download the Ecobank mobile app and open an Ecobank Xpress account within minutes on the go.

“With the mobile technology, we have made banking cheaper and more accessible. This for us is empowering the average citizen in the street to do his/her banking without stress,” he said.

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“Can you imagine people visiting banking halls just to check their account balances or transfer money; this is not the idea of modern banking.”

Ecobank Nigeria has said that fast, accessible and better transaction incentives to the users can only come from evolving digital channels, which it is determined to champion

Restating the importance of the platform, the bank also said it has invested in state of the art mobile application that makes banking activities simpler, accessible and cheaper and at their fingertips.

The bank said it is also its strategy for financial inclusion, enabling more people do their banking transaction wherever and whenever without necessarily visiting the branches.