Edo Gov signs Violence against Persons Prohibition Bill into Law

    • Rape, female circumcision attract life imprisonment
    Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State has signed Violence against Persons Prohibition Bill into Law, henceforth, making rapists and perpetrators of female genital mutilation in Edo State risk being sentenced to life imprisonment.
    The new law has become imperative since the public outcry against rampant cases of jungle justice and acts of violence against women.
    The increasing rate of violent acts and jungle justice, especially, against women, has been on the rise and now a major source of worry for concerned Nigerians living in Edo State.
    Apparently, a bill which seeks to protect the lives of all citizens in the state, particularly, women has been signed into law.
    National Daily gathered that the violence against person prohibition bill was initiated in the Fourth House of Assembly but was passed in the Sixth House of Assembly in Edo State.
    In addition to jungle justice, the bill takes care of rapists, female genital mutilation and wife beaters.
    It is also projected to put an end to the inhuman practices meted out to widows, among others.