Ekiti 2018: Plots to postpone, cancel elections in PDP stronghold uncovered

The lingering loss of confidence on the electoral umpire and security agencies, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and the Nigeria Police is deepening as the Saturday, July 14 governorship election draws closer. The phenomenal loss of confidence in the electoral umpires and supervisors led to the abrupt stoppage of the stakeholders meeting on Monday involving the INEC Chairman and his team as well as the Inspector general of Police and the candidates of the various political parties.

Hours after the stakeholders meeting the PDP has raised alarm of the discovery of plots to undermine the wishes of the people in the election by instigating conflicts and violence in PDP strongholds in Ekiti State in order to postpone elections in those areas.   The State Party also alleged that they have obtained intelligence report that the electoral umpire further plans to cancel results in certain PDP strongholds to deflate the votes of the party in favour of the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate, Dr. Kayode  Fayemi.

Governor Ayodele Fayose had earlier accused the INEC of planning to manipulate the election in favour of Fayemi, an accusation the INEC refuted, demanding proof of the allegation. The governor also raised alarm over arrest of PDP stalwarts in the state by the Police to intimidate the party and incite violence.

The Governor, however, urged party loyalists top remain calm and resist any incitement to violence while remaining vigilant to resist any attempt to subvert their popular wills at the poll units.

It was gathered that the intelligence at the disposal of the PDP revealed an alleged connivance of the Presidency in compelling the INEC to ensure the victory of the APC candidate, while the Police are to provide cover up; and at the end, the PDP would be told to go to court where they can seldom get justice.

The  PDP representative at the Monday stakeholders meeting with INEC and the Police, Samuel Omotoso, a lawmaker, had protested that the candidate of the APC, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, had brazenly been bragging that he would be declared whether he loses the election or not.

It was recalled that in Fayemi’s consultation meeting with Ekiti State APC after his declaration for the race, the former Solid Minerals Minister boasted that APC would use the federal might to win the governorship election and they would not mind what anybody says.

Omotoso also complained that he and his family were allegedly shot by security agencies during the APC rally in his community, Oloje Town, Oye Local Government Area. He protested that some security agencies have been exhibiting partisanship in the countdown to the Saturday governorship election.

APC stakeholders, however, stood to shout down Omotoso after repetitive mention of Fayemi’s name.

 The PDP Representative persisted which led to uproar and pandemonium, forcing the IG of Police and INEC Chairman to quit the meeting venue abruptly.

PD leaders in Ekiti State have urged their supporters to be on red alert and report any incidence to the Party’s State Secretariat or special centres set up across the state for the Saturday election. They have warned that what happened in Ondo State governorship election must not be repeated in Ekiti State, insisting that the will of the people must be allowed to prevail in deciding who governs them in the next four years.