Ekiti July 14: Opeyemi Bamidele moves delegates against certain guber aspirants for APC  primary

Former Hon. Opeyemi Bamidele has advised the APC delegates for the Ekiti primary election to not vote for certain aspirants in the primary election for the July 14 governorship election in Ekiti State.
He said certain of his fellow aspirants are merely looking for a job, some have never never in governemnt, and some are so unpopular they can’t win Ekiti for the APC, and as such the delegates must not vote for them.
Positioning himself, he said he has been tested and proved to be capable of providing the much-needed service to lift Ekiti from its present state to an enviable height.
Banudeke was a former commisioner in Lagos for eight year and a member of the House of Reps in the seneth assembly’
He asked the delegates to vote an aspirant that will provide good leadership and turn around the fortunes.
“In the first instance, when someone offers himself for public office, either as governor or councillor, he has to be commended if the intention is pure,’ he said in a press release on Wednesday.
“What is important is for each aspirant to search his conscience why he is running? Is it because he wants to make a change or to serve the people, or just because such aspirant is looking for job?
“I don’t believe that anyone that is looking for job has to run for the governorship but the higher the number of aspirants with good intention, the better for the party.”
He urged the leadership of the party to provide a level playing field for all aspirants to contest in a free and fair primary.
Bamidele also advised the delegates to look out for aspirant that would understand the role of the party and would carry the party along as partner in governance.