Emir Sanusi tackles  Sharia fanatics on child marriage

    Speaking on human rights at the 10thMemorial Lecture of Kehinde Sofola,  Emir of Kano Muhammadu Sanusi said on Thursday that no religion permits anybody to violate the rights of others.
    He cited instances where children roam the streets hawking when they should be in school while some female children are even forced into marriage.
    “Even the Sharia law requires you to first seek the consent of your female child before giving her out in marriage and so the rule of law expects us to be law abiding,” he said.
    The northern part of Nigeria boasts the better percentage of over 10 million children that are out of school. The region is also known for its cultural abuse of girl children.
    Sanusi, who chaired the lecture, called on leaders to not get intoxicated with powe because it is transient.
    The former CBN governor advised the government to strengthen the nations institutions so merit will prevail over poor application of the Federal Character principle Nigeria uses to run its public offices.
    “The issue of federal character should not be an excuse for nepotism; it should be based strictly on merit and not on family or ethnic sentiments,” he said, adding that true application of the federal character principle will help to preserve the rule of law in the country.
    The Federal Character Commission Act was promulgated in 1995. but later embedded into the 1999 Constitution following agitations for fair share of political positions across the country.
    Other personalities that graced the occasion included Edo Gov.Godwin Obaseki,  Junaid Muhammed, Justice Bimbo Obaseki-Adejumo and other senior lawyers.

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