Emmanuel TV dramatises Proph. Joshua’s message of Christ’s forgiveness at Christmas


    Prophet T.B. Joshua Synagogue Church of All Nations has urged Christians to let God release them during the Christmas even though the world maybe trying to hold them back.

    In a stirring drama staged by the church media group Emmanuel TV during the Christmas Carol on December 23, Prophet Joshua said forgiveness builds bridges to God’s blessings.

    The drama, entitled the Adulterous Woman—Let God Release You, is a stage performance of John 8 where Jesus Christ released a woman caught pants down in adultery, and was about to be stoned to death, according to Mosaic laws.

    In the adaptation laced with emotions and inspiring dialogues, the woman, defenceless, is almost sentenced to death in a highly charged courtroom where lawyers, the judge, the media, her husband, and the entire audience insist justice—death—must be done.

    In the climax, the jury, however, disperses when Jesus comes in as the woman’s advocate who emphasises forgiveness and mercy—instead of judgement—by revealing how everybody present in the courtroom has committed sins similar to or worse than adultery.

    Her disappointed husband, in the dramatic resolution, obtains grace to forgive and reunite with her, making that the most inspiring part of the performance.

    “So much to learn,” says Ifeanyi Madusonibe, a viewer from Lagos. “God’s love, mercy and grace, not minding how filthy we may look, still abound.”

    A Zimbabwean, Ranga Msekeni, says drama has taught her not to run from God ni matter what people may think or say about her or the sin she has committed.  “I should ask for forgiveness to God because he is my defender and he still loves me,” she added.

    One of the two hosts, Chris, also emphasises to the audience the need, according to the prophet, to let go of negative vibes stored up over the years this season of Jesus birth—so that God will forgive and heal the believers.

    The soap-length drama boasts a cast of SCOAN’s evangelists from across the world. They converge on the church international headquarters at Ikotun Egbe, Lagos, to celebrate Christ birth.