EPL Karma: Man United downed by Newcastle

Absolutely delicious that United fans wrote in gloating over Mkhitaryan’s performance
only for their supposed big hitters to fluff their lines once again.
Just what is the point of Pogba and Lukaku? Sanchez missing a simple chance, Martial having at least four chances – beautiful.
Now to watch Liverpool overtake them and for them to drop out of the top four, that would be glorious.
…It’s nice of Rowan to share his thoughts about how rubbish our players and manager are (like we hadn’t noticed) but perhaps he should be a bit more worried about his own club.
At least we lost to a top four side, not a relegation threatened team that have struggled to score all season.
If I was Rowan I’d be more worried about looking over his shoulder at Liverpool and Spurs than taking the piss out of our miserable lot.
It was good to see Rafa beat Mourinho, Mourinho. When the going gets tough you’d expect a £90m midfielder take the game by the scruff of the neck. Instead he gets pulled and cries on the bench.