Financial Services tops trading with over 80% contribution by volume

… ICT records least value figure


By Odunewu Segun


Volume analysis on trading activities on the Nigerian bourse in 2015 reveals that financial services sector tops other NSE sectors with about 80.64% contribution to the total volume traded on the bourse.

Financial services traded 74.07 bln volumes in 2015 to lead the pack, Conglomerates and Consumer Goods sectors came second and third with 4.84bln and 4.30bln volumes traded respectively.

As expected, oil and gas which in 2015 suffered greatly because of the slide in crude oil prices came fourth, pulling 3.3 per cent of the total deals with 3,097,324,280 volumes in shares value at 61,616,831,825.2i. Industrial goods at next to oil and gas with 1,718, 361,083 traded shares value at 72,592,201,174.58 in 41,807 deals.

Other Services came sixth on the overall table with 1,185,464,154 volumes value at 2,624,313,015.84 in 22,282.66 deals. The ICT sector came seventh, picking just 1.14% with 1,048,234,252 volumes of traded shares value at 1,499,078,840.92 in a 1,912 deals.

The Healthcare, Construction/Real Estate and Agriculture came 8th, 9th and 10th respectively. While the Healthcare sector traded 832,858,131 million shares value at 4,427,654,682.78 in 14,190.53 deals, the Construction/Real Estate traded 389,966,966 values at 12,502,802,551.36 in 10,171.53 deals while Agriculture sector traded the least volume of 368.143,240 values at 925,402,149,662.98 in 940,755.54 deals

Also, financial services sector tops the table by value and closely followed by Consumer and Industrial Goods sectors while ICT records the least value figure.