Flood sends Ekiti Deputy’s Governor packing


    The multi-million naira property of the Ekiti State Deputy Governor-Elect, Chief Bisi Egbeyemi, in Ado-Ekiti has been completely submerged by days of torrential rainfall.

    The sprawling property located near Elemi Stream along Iworoko Road, Ado-Ekiti, has become inaccessible as a result of the development.

    When Egbeyemi built the edifice some years back, he named it Crownbiz Hotels, but after flood started threatening to overrun it, its fortune as an hotel declined.

    Egbeyemi later turned it into a private primary school, but nobody registered their children there.

    After a couple of years, he turned the place to residential accommodation and still it was not occupied.

    As more people settle in the area, the flooding became more intense and more areas being affected.

    Residents of the area blamed the situation on low level bridge constructed on the Ado-Iworoko Road and the dumping of refuse in the stream by people.