Fuel Scarcity: 3 weeks on, Nigerians express devastation

The current fuel scarcity being experienced across Nigeria has persisted for over three weeks despite assurances by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC. At various times during the scarcity, top government officials have adduced different reasons for the crisis which caused a bleak Christmas celebration across the country. As the fuel scarcity continues , NATIONALDAILYNG.COM (Ediale Kingsley) reports the twitter reactions from Government, Stakeholders, and the people.

The number one lesson we learnt is that fuel scarcity creates pandemonium and disaster.

In that pandemonium and disaster, some Nigerians can still find a way to be hopeful, especially those who have a relative or sponsors in the Government of the day:

Then there are those who will use the opportunity of devastation to make a throne for themselves, but the wise resists them:

It’s like December has a new meaning:

There a those who remembers how they voted this Government to solve the problems the last Government couldn’t solve, now they hope they didn’t vote the Government.  And will attempt to vote another ‘Change’ to Change the ‘Change’:

There are many who thinks the Marketers and other stake others are the real demons.

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Ndu Ughamadu, on December 5, speaking for NNPC said that the queues at filling stations were as a result of panic buying by consumers.

“The fuel queues witnessed in some parts of the country is due to panic buying by motorists. We have assured the people that the NNPC has sufficient stock of petroleum products to last throughout the coming festive season and beyond,” he said.

Then there are those that think outside the box, in a silly theoretic mode, of both religion, stupidity and nepotism undertone.

The Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, brought a new perspective – at least to many Nigerians – when he said the current weather in the country is partly responsible for the petrol scarcity. Speaking on December 6 after a meeting of the Federal Executive Council in Abuja, Mr. Mohammed said the cold harmattan period has led to the increased purchase of petrol, thus the scarcity.

“This is winter period. There is always more demand for refined products from petroleum ‎during winter in the colder countries. This is what we are experiencing now,” he said.

Some people are bold enough to go tell PMB in the face (of twitter) what they damn feel:

And others who just want to make a sentence with Fuel Scarcity:

Then, there’s someone sitting at the throne farting off tweets to help keep the peace and sanity that has since been lost:

While Nigerians await a permanent solution to the scarcity crisis, Mr. Fayose is putting the blame on the Federal Government, saying it was a ploy by the Government to increase the price of petrol.

He made this known in a statement on December 17 by his Special Assistant on Public Communications and New Media, Lere Olayinka.

“Petrol is scarce across the country because the Federal Government deliberately reduced supply since it is only the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC that is importing the product.

“The thinking is that by the time the scarcity persists for like one month, with Nigerians already buying at N200 per litre, the people will jump at it if petrol is increased from N145 to N185 per litre,” he said.

So at the end of the tunnel, many Nigerians hope he is wrong. That instead of price increase, there’s normalcy restored.