How much debt Gov. Bello racked up to pay salaries

    Kogi Governor Yahaya Bello disclosed Friday that his administration borrowed N10bn to pay up the state’s four-month salary arrears before the last Christmas.

    The loanm he told State House newsmen inAbuja, was added to the over N1.2bn that accrued to the state from Paris Club refund as well as the state’s November and December allocation.

    “In Kogi State today, we are up to date as far as salary is concerned. In December, Mr. President magnanimously assisted us with another tranche of Paris Club refund. Our own figure was N1.2bn and some other change on top,: he said.

    “As you all know the salary was very bogus and according to the figure we had we were able to distribute it among these months. So glory to God as far as Kogi State is concerned.”

    But the governor said workers in the state would be earning salaries based on the number of times they are present at work.

    “So, as you come to work and clock-in, that is exactly how your salary will be generated. It is online, it is automated so nobody is going to cheat anybody,” he said.

    “So Kogi State civil servants and pensioners are all happy with this administration. Thanks to God and Mr. President for this magnanimity.”

    The governor also claimed that his administration had worked so hard on the security situation in the state to the point that no case of kidnapping or armed robbery has so far been recorded in November, December and January.

    “The security operatives are collaborating with us, we are spending a lot on security.

    “The people are giving us a lot of information and we are treating them with utmost secrecy and we are working harmoniously together.

    “The Fulanis in Kogi State are equally collaborating with us. Even the criminal elements amongst them, they are the ones even apprehending them and handing them over to the security agencies. So we are living very harmoniously with the Fulani herdsmen, farmers and the citizens.

    On the 2019 general elections, Bello recalled that his state has already endorsed President Muhammadu Buhari for second term.

    According to him, the state will return a number of votes that will dwarf that of the President’s home state, Katsina.