How Police tracked killer ‘cook’ to Ondo


Operatives of the Nigeria Police on Friday tracked a Togolese cook, believed to have murdered Ope Bademosi, chairman of Credit Switch Technology to his hideout in Ondo state.

According to police sources, he was arrested on Friday at his hideout in Ondo and he is currently at Fagun police station, Ondo town.

Femi Joseph, state police public relations officer, confirmed the arrest and said the suspect would be paraded at the headquarters of the command.

The cook was alleged to have murdered Bademosi at his residence in Ikoyi, Lagos, on Wednesday.

His wife, who found him with multiple stab wounds, said she left her husband at home to carry out some transactions in the bank.

Upon her return, she found him lying in a pool of his blood and the cook, who was employed four days before the tragic incident, was nowhere to be found.

A homicide investigation officer was quoted as saying: “After committing the act, the guy went to the toilet and pulled off the white uniform meant for cooks he was wearing because it was all stained with blood. He also left the knife he used inside the toilet there. If you see the knife, it’s a very strong, long and sharp knife that could only be authorised for military personnel.”

The cook reportedly ransacked the apartment and stole valuables such as money, jewelry and a mobile phone.

The police, in a notice issued to declare the cook wanted, had  said actions have been taken to apprehend him.