How police treats senior officer who made N.8 million from extortion in Lagos
    ASP Bayo Obadiah attached to the Area Command, Ikorodu, Lagos, has been suspended over allegations of extortion, and 16 other policemen were sanctioned for professional misconduct.
    A police bulletin issued on Monday stated this, amongst the activities of the force recorded between July and September 2017.
    The Public Complaint Rapid Response Unit, PCRRU, also recovered and returned N834,000 the ASP extorted from the public.
    The bulletin said that part of the money recovered include 100,000 previously extorted from a woman in Kano State, who reportedly got her money after she contacted the PCRRU.
    ”A total number of 764 complaints were recorded in the Q3 2017. With Lagos State Command topping the state ranking table (in percentage terms) with 180 (23.56), followed by Rivers State with 102 (13.35) and FCT-Abuja 87 (11.39). Sokoto and Plateau State Commands recorded no complaint in the period under review,” the unit said.
    According to the report, phone call was the most preferred channel by the complainants. There are 447 (58.5) phone calls; WhatsApp, 203 (26.57)l Twitter. 19 (2.49); Facebook 6 (0.71); SMS 3 (0.39); BBM 1 (0.13) ; and others (Written Petition, Media Publications etc.) 29 (3.80).
    The bulletin stated that efforts are ongoing to upgrade the PCRRU call centre so as to improve the efficiency of the unit.
    The Nigeria polic is one of the mist corrupt government institution in Nigeria, accirding to recent stats from the Nigeria Bureau of Statistics. 
    The police authorities denied this when the report was out few weeks ago.