How Ras Kimono’s wife died
The sad news of Efe’s death was confirmed early Sunday morning, 23rd of September, 2018 by the Project Manager of Premiere Music, Michael Odiong, who said the sad incident occurred on the said date.
The source of her death, is related to heartbreak, loneliness and the many vows, promises, and oath of allegiance between the lovebirds.
Hers, is a passionate grief as the woman who was obviously one of the late musician’s great pillars and closest confidant was unable to come out of the pains of the indelible loss, “what would you want me to be talking about, this was my better half we’re talking, my love, my confidant, there’s really nothing to talk about, I can’t voice out anything, but maybe after burial, let’s see if I would be able to talk to you”, she told Enquirermag when she was called on phone for an interview shortly before her husband’s burial.
Efemena Okedi, a strong woman whose life and time as an artist manager of note can never be forgotten in Nigeria’s showbiz industry, she’s no doubt a force to be reckoned with in the industry.
Before her dyed-in-the-wool love for the award-winning reggae superstar, Ras Kimono, Efe was the first ever manager of Baba Fryo, one of the nation’s pioneer music stars, and it was she who turned the fortune of the Ajegunle superstar around for good and no sooner she dumped Baba Fryo when his (Baba Fryo) excesses was becoming unbecoming than his career nosedived.
Efe would soon later proved her mettle as a woman of virtue and artiste manager extraordinaire when she joined the rub-a-dub master, Ras Kimono whose musical career and love life was in limbo as at that material time.
In no time, the energetic woman of substance had put structures in place to stabilize Ras Kimono’s seemingly irretractable career steps with purposeful shows and meaningful career path.
The duo, no doubt shared so many things in common to the extent that, when Ras Kimono died, people close to Efe said, she’s just not her good self, “not anymore, she hasn’t been able to cope all alone, she’s always sleepwalking and daydreaming all the times, the source confided in Enquirermag.