I want my husband to  win NPFL this season – Hermannia Boboye


Meet the top NPFL Coach  Kenneth Boboye ‘s wife who spoke with Esther Egbe National Daily about the journey of being married to a sports personality and the game.

Let’s meet you Madam?

I am Hermannia Boboye nee Njagu,i am born second of four children to the  family of Pastor Dermott Njagu from Boki LGA, Cross River State.Married to Coach Kennedy Boboye ,Business woman.

How do you your husband is topping the league table?

I am feeling on top of the world , but am  still on my knees asking God to grant him one wish,to win the NPFL this season. We’re almost there, but we’re not gonna slow down or  lose focus.

How have been able to manage your husband’s regular absence at home considering the nature  of his job?

His  absence comes with the  territory, So it’s my fate,I do my best to put the home together.
I am a busy person too, It’s actually not easy though.

Since when have been married to one of the most Decorated Coach of NPFL?

We have been married since 22nd of June 2000 till date,we are going old together.

What is advice for other women married to a coach?

There are alots of challenges ranging of the their absence two things, we need to avoid :the  risks of side chicks, but we as their wives got to keep it together. Hold their bad and good side and  be rest assured they will always come  back home. No need to nag, you nag ,you push them further away. You  nag they lose concentration and that is not good for business.

What do you think, we should change in the NPFL?

Uhm, i honestly am not in a position to respond to  that. I don’t even know deep down how it’s run in the 1st place. I do know however that there been a tremendous improvement as per salary payments and the way a few other things as compared to a few years back when it was almost a taboo for a team to for an away match and  draw or get a win.

Now i think there are really Fair Play.  Lets keep it up.the government should compare the  different teams to show some form of respect to their players in terms of salary payments to boost their morale.I think we’ll have better teams  and players/management.

What is it like to be a wife of a coach in Nigeria?

Am no different from every other wife. I try to keep it that way because despite the fact that am a down to earth social being, deep down, am not a socialite. I like to keep it simple. It’s not like when he was still playing abroad, when we would go strolling and you will  see people walk up to you for a picture what them.the  more advanced countries have more respect and  regards for the  profession.Here in Nigeria, if you’re not careful, you’re either mugged or kidnapped because they believe you got the money.I blame it on the economy though.

How do you feel when your husband is being owned salaries? What’s your reaction?

When the King is owed, the family suffers. It’s a devastating experience to have to work and  not be paid your wages. I support best i could at such times but am proud to say with Plateau United, it’s a whole new game. First time in history of my husband working in Nigeria i haven’t had to complain about salary payments.I gotta hand it to Plateau United, they truly are the best team in Nigeria.

What are you doing for a living?

I am a business woman,I sell women clothing, Lingerie, Jewellery, All in one boutique. it’s called  Hermannita’s.

Which club can you rate best in Nigeria league?

I don’t about that but in my opinion the clubs doing well at the time are always rated d best. Like right now Plateau United is the best.They been in the lead since the beginning of the season except for few occasions when they were second.

When was the most memorable memory you celebrate your husband as a coach?

Uhm…the times he’s been awarded Manager of the month and  am hoping we’ll all celebrate him when he finally wins the cup.

What is it like to be a player and now a coach,compare the two which is more stressful?

He dreams, i dream with him, He fails, we both fail together, He wins, we win together.
Being a coach is more stressful, Especially handling the team as a head coach or the technical adviser,It’s all on him if they fail, But as a player, he’s just part of a team, the  blame goes to them as a group.

Have there been anytime you told him to leave coaching job?

No never, It’s not just a job to him, It’s his passion, Why would anyone wanna take away anyone’s passion.

If there was one thing you will love to change in your husband, what will that be?Professionally or as a husband?

Now after 17yrs and much experience, i would say absolutely nothing, because i know now that we’re all put on this earth  and given what we deserve.

We were both very young when we got married  and we’ve faced a lotta challenges together. We’ve been there and seen it all, He’s the  best husband there is.Very forgiving yet outspoken, understanding but jealous, playful f and fun to be around, He’s a modern husband, He has never for once refused his meal because he was angry.

How can you rate your husband?

On a scale of 1-10?, I would give him an eight, not because he’s my husband but because he ‘s simply the best,His tactics are out the  world, His skills as a player too were simply extra ordinary, He was born for this. He didn’t have to learn it.

You said you don’t watch his game live or tv when he is playing, why are you not watching?

Uhm, the tension i guess and the anxiety, I have to close my eyes most of the  time.
Now the  boys are growing up, i have to I take them to watch Live whenever he’s player here in PH and  they never miss the opportunity of watching their father on TV, So those times i try to watch  and run to my room when tensions are really high. They come to me and give me info on how it’s going to calm me down & tell me when our team scores.

How do you calm him down when he loses an important game?

But for the most part, i just point out something faults  and i tell him he’s the best ever and  they’ll do better in their next game, I don’t have the  heart two watch either Live or on Tv when his team is playing so my husband listens attentively when i point out some mistakes. To him it means am putting in some effort in what he does, His pains and worries are mine but i got to be strong.

What is your husband favourite food?

My husband isn’t much of a food person. He however loves my fisherman soup, Plantain porridge with periwinkle otherwise known as (piom piom) and fish peppersoup ,snail, How would go for those anyday, anytime.

How do you manage your home and husband as a coach,who is not always home to spent time with the family?

I met him as a soccer player ,he was playing in Europe at the time. So i kind of got used to his being away from time to time, I joined him for the most part but we we’ve always been off and on.

Now we have these two adorable boyz, they keep me company, And we video chat almost everyday.

Would you wish any of kids male or female to play the round leather game?the fact is now a big business and money spinning?

Sure.100%.Imagine you are being paid well to do what you love, Not to mention the fame that goes with it.

Tell us how many Nigeria professional league players you know?

Presently, I don’t familiarise myself with the players. I would lose track if i did. I do know John Gaddi of Plateau United though.

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