Kia Motors unveils special prepaid maintenance package

New state-of-the-art Kia Service Centre at Oshodi-Apapa Expressway, Isolo, Lagos.
  • Offers Customers 1-year hassle-free service
Kia Motors Nigeria has launched an annual Prepaid Maintenance Package for owners of the Kia brand of vehicles in Nigeria tagged as ‘Pay Less, Get More’, customers will only pay once at a discounted price and enjoy one year or 4 free services.
National Daily gathered that the new package offers a cashless service and complete car maintenance, from periodic maintenance services to wheel alignment and balancing amongst other value-added services.
Speaking on the unique offer at a facility tour organised by the company, Chief Operating Officer of the company, Sanjay Tatpati, said that the prepaid maintenance package will help provide peace of mind to owners, as the costs involved will be discounted and affordable.
He said the package covers the standard maintenance schedule and includes wear-and-tear items such as brake pads, brake discs, and windscreen wipers in addition to other value-added services.
“With this package in place, owners need not worry about the maintenance of their Kia cars. This also reaffirms the commitment we have towards our customers – not just in strengthening our after-sales service, but also the Kia ownership experience for our owners,” added Sanjay.
Sanjay also disclosed that Kia Motors has been steadfastly pursuing a customer-first strategy of service based on trust, advanced technology and responsibility. “We are poised to offering customers around the world a singular style of service designed after its service philosophy called, ‘Promise to Care.’
“In sum, we will develop a service identity unique to Kia in order to provide customers with the same dedication, caring and dependability that is given to family members.”
Also speaking on the initiative, Olawale Jimoh, Marketing Manager, Kia Motors Nigeria said, “being a Customer-Centric and a Caring Brand, Kia has always laid a strong emphasis on unique service initiatives. These efforts have made us reel in quite a number of awards and provide exceptional service delivery to customers.”
He said Kia’s ‘Prepaid Maintenance Package’ service initiative will offer benefits as per the vehicle age to cater to the requirements of different customers and will offer car check-up with the examination of the engine, transmission, electrical system, under-body, AC, exterior etc.
Jimoh told National Daily that the prepaid maintenance package is one of the offers from the company to display best-in-class customer service offerings and to provide satisfactory services to their respective customers.
Recall that the auto firm which recently held free service clinic has resolved continuously to reinforce its commitment to customers by offering a special, first of its kind, annual prepaid maintenance package, to reaffirm its continued drive to incentivize customers of their loyalty to the brand.

The successes of the Kia service clinics and the ever increasing customer expectations coupled with the request for more offerings by the customers have propelled the leading Korean automobile company in Nigeria, Kia, to become aware of the value and the need to offer the prepaid maintenance package to the teeming customers.

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