Lagos International Trade Fair Boss crowned Yeye Oge Ogbere

    • bags Hallmark award

    Madam Lucy Ajayi the Executive Director of the Lagos International Trade Fair Complex management board, has pledge to help influence the rejuvenation of Oke- Ogbere community in Lagos.

    Lucy made the pledge at her conferment and coronation ceremony as the Yeye Oge of Oke Ogbere by the Osolo of Isolo, Oba Kabiru Alani Agbabiaka stating her commitment to the communal development of the community that archived her childhood.

    The LITFC boss said that the honour done on her which was predicated on her humility, selflessness and positive impact on a number of individuals in the area will spur more women to toe the line of selfless service to the society and taking active role in the polity.

    “It might interest you to know that the Baale and the Oba are Alumni of my school, Holy Savious College,as I grew up in Isolo, I got to this position today having impacted some people’s lives and they decided to honour me.

    “I think this will encourage women across the divide to join the fray in been active politically as the next level is important. As a public servant you know what this honour translates to; politically they will be recognized at the federal level,some of the things that we need to do in Oke Ogbere will be brought to the fore.” Lucy said.

    Her Husband Mr. Folorunsho Ajayi commenting on the honour done on his wife, hinted that the honour further affirms the biblical reference which state that a good woman is precious and attracts recognition of all, “she deserve any honour done on her because she fears Lord and this is appreciated by all, she will continue to be a leading example for other women to take a leaf from and emulate”.

    “I thank God for the conferment of the title on her. Considering the kind of person she is, I don’t think this role will conflict with her home chores. She does not allow anything get into her head. Always respectful.

    “I have been doing everything to support her, anywhere and whatever she wants as long as she is okay and doing well”

    “I would say that naturally and even in the good books says that a woman that fears the lord would be blessed or be appreciated.

    “She is a very good example to other women and I am sure that they would follow suit” Mr Ajayi said.

    High Chief Tajudeen  Orilowo Adeshina, Baale of Oke Ogbere Land on whose authority the conferment was done noted that the reason why Madam Lucy Ajayi made list of illustrious individual so honoured was basically due to good conduct, competence and capabilities she has displayed over the years.

    I was sent on an errand as countless of  Baale’s having been installed today 10-15 years down the line find it hard to do anniversary but in my domain I have celebrated from the first year till now which happens to be the fifth and I thought it wise to give chieftaincy titles to worthy individuals.

    “She is a capable, resourceful and reputable woman with whom I shared some fond memories of my childhood at Holy Saviours College Isolo, but why we choose Lucy Ajayi was because we have seen her to be capable, because Yeye Oge is a revered title it might be honourary here, but elsewhere it is traditional and a reputable and industrious woman is the one that qualifies to be made Yeye Oge.

    “She is expected to help project and enhance our community from the
    national perspective, there are so many challenges confronting us in
    Ogbere community.

    The elated  father, Chief Larry Odijie who also  holds a traditional title of a judge in Edo, expressed joy over the title conferred on her daughter, saying they were all brought up the traditional values due to the laid down rules and regulations in the house.

    “When you are a traditional chief and your daughter is being honoured outside your domain. There is nothing more joyful than that.My daughter had once told me how I brought them up with the rules and regulations laid out even though I can’t remember that anymore.

    “They were all born and bred in Lagos, but they all speak my language as if they were born in my place. The regulation then was that in my house you speak my language but you can speak any other language outside and that’s why they were able to speak my language and speak Yoruba fluently,” the Father said.

    Same day Lucy Ajayi and her husband also received Hallmark’s ‘peaceful couple’ award on account of her courage and good bonding in the institution of marriage.