Landslides tragedy causes 200 deaths

    About 200 people lost their lives to landslides between January and May 2018.

    Fresh landslides killed at least 18 people in the East African country of Rwanda at the weekend. The weekend death toll increased the figures of lives lost to landslides in the country to over 200 since January 2018.

    It was gathered that the landslides in Rwanda’s Northern and Western province were caused by heavy rains.

    Philippe Habinshuti, Director of Response and Recovery Unit at the Ministry of Disaster Management and Refugee Affairs, was cited to have said that the heavy rains on Sunday night killed 15 people in Western and Northern provinces. Three people died earlier on Sunday in Rubavu district, the Ministry added.

     “The four months have been far worse than last year and other years. This is terrifying,” Habinshuti had said.

     On Monday, people dug through mud searching for missing people in the western province, where three people were missing and six injured.

    Sunday’s death toll adds to the 183 who have died since January.