Legislature, most endangered specie – Rt.Hon Ikuforiji

    The ranging power tussle between the legislature and the other arms of government in Nigeria has been linked to lack of quality understanding about how the arm is constitutionally built to function.
    Former Lagos State Speaker Rt. Hon. Sabit Adeyemi Ikuforiji made this comment at a book launch held at the Renaissance Hotel Ikeja, titled:”The Legislature and the Path to Democratic Consolidation” authored by Mr. Remi Durojaiye.

    The astute lawmaker noted that the friction observed in the political space of the country is born out of inexperience and a clear attempt to muzzle a constitutionally empowered arm of government.

    “We are still very far away from the level of enlightenment required,the people that legislature is supposed to serve know very little about the roles and functions assigned by the constitution to the legislature and it is a pity that even members of the legislature too probably are not well equipped enough as at now.

    “It is a question of looking at it from the angle of the nation’s history you will realize that the Nigeria legislature today is barely 17,18 years old, the executive and judiciary have been there since 1914 almagamation, it is the legislature that is so young yet it is saddled with the responsibility of over sighting these older arms of government.

    “The older arms have lots of experience which the legislature does not have of course,no matter what education is given experience matters a lot, but then education helps to bridge the gaps faster so we should continually educate the legislative arm so that it can catch up faster than it is doing.

    “A lot of the troubles that we have in the polity now is due to misinformation and not having required knowledge of the roles that the legislature were supposed to play.

    “On the part of even the citizenry,everyone loves to condemn,criticize and almost mow down the legislature for whatever reasons,you see today everybody still keeps trying shouting how much goes to the legislature what does this and that.

    “You look at the percentage of the budget that goes to who and then you can understand some of these troubles and of course because the legislature is not even playing its role the way it should perhaps due to this lack of this adequate knowledge of the problem and we must address it for the benefit of the nation.

    The Imperial Majesty Oluwo of Iwo Kingdom ,King AbdulRasheed Adewale Akanbi (Ilufemiloye Telugu 1),who also graced the book launch along with his queen stated the importance of waging war against corrupt tendencies in our society,stressing that it has been the bane of Nigeria, the most populous black nation.

    Oba AbdulRasheed who is the Deputy Chairman of Osun State Council of Obas and President Iwo Traditional Council lament the greed and avarice mentioned in the political circles,charging all Nigerians not to vote to power any politician without a well mapped strategy of fighting corruption.

    The monarch commend the author of the book, stating that awareness is key in making people change their perception about anything.

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    “Consolidation of democracy and changing peoples perception about the polity is fundamental,enlightenment act is also afforded in the book written by Remi.

    “It is targeted at taking our people out of poverty of the mind about all this myths and superstition that is bringing us back.

    “These are the change that we need and also we need to kill corruption in Nigeria,it is the only deadly disease killing us in droves,it is genocidal we need to eradicate corruption if it doesn’t go it would kill us all and it is killing us everyday.

    “We need to tell our politicians,anyone who needs our votes to give us his structured agenda to fight corruption,we should not vote to power anyone without the agenda to fight corruption that is my message to Nigerians.

    The elated author also mirror his piece as a feat that gives him a knack to aspire higher.

    “The legislature is very germane in our day to day politics in that the arm has a very big role to play in our nascent democracy.

    “This is just the beginning of my own contribution to this country and come 2019, I am going aspire for the House of Assembly in Ijebu Igbo North constituency Ogun state as a member just watch out.

    “This is a public unveiling of the book I am still going to have a tour of all the local government in Lagos state in particular,these will start upper week Monday,from my experience we have the best legislature in this country and there is hope us”.Remi said.

    The book reviewer Dr. Mudashiru Suraj Associate Professor Department of Political Sciences did a deep critique of the book with 10 chapters, citing the need for a wider scope that will take an holistic view of the democratic structures across Africa relating the three arms and their roles.

    The chief launcher Engineer Afolabi Lawan CEO Cubitec Engineering and Services Limited,Former LAWMA boss Dr. Ola Oresanya, Mr. Leland Abdul GMD, Cleanserve Energy Solutions Integrated Opebi-Ikeja,Lagos and many other dignitaries officially launched the book for public consumption.