Market community laments faulty water network in Ojokoro
     By Lanre Adesanya

    At a time when access to pipe borne water even in urban centres is inadequate, clean water waste away in gallons at Jakanra automobile market  Ijaiye Ojokoro LCDA daily, as concerned authority pay no cognisance.

    Artisans and traders in the area who spoke with National Daily, opined that the pipe leakage occasioned by a dysfunctional water network of the Lagos Water Works Corporation which led to the waste was left unattended to.
    The Personal Assistant to the Baba Loja General of Ojokoro Land, Mr. Adegoke Wahab lament the situation concerning the waste.
    “It has been like that for two years the in the Jankara market side alone we have four spots where this water waste away,along Tinubu way here in Ojokoro axis close to eleven spots have this issue, even the one within the Police station is not spared.
    “My boss the Baba Loja General  Chief Akinloye Oladejo
    has officially communicated this issue to the water corporation and they came to check in the first week of July since then they are yet to do anything about it, even the neighbourhood watch and officials from the council have made moves on it, but it remain unchecked.”He said.
    The minor fault which they perceived would have been dealt with easily, still persist till now.