Messi: Cristiano had a magical night with Juventus, insists rival was impressive

The Argentine: “I thought that Atlético would have more strength, but Juve passed him over”. He added: All the equipment is complicated now. Tranquility”.
Messi, captain of Barcelona, urges the team to have “peace of mind and prepare the hard, which is coming now” and highlights as rivals in this Champions League Juventus, City and Ajax, which has “a team of young people without fear of anything ”
The match. “We spent a little bit of suffering with the 2-1, and unnecessary, because we complicated the life of set pieces, luckily the 3-1 arrived and that made us feel calm”.
Bright start. “We went out to look for the game, although perhaps a little bit faster, when we found the 1-0 we handled the ball calmly, and there we saw the best version of the team, with 3-1 we found spaces, recovered and ran. goals “.
The 3-1, key. “He came in with suspense, and when I saw the goalkeeper touch it, I thought it would not be a goal, but luckily he entered.”
Christian and the Champions. “To begin with, Cristiano and Juventus were impressive, a big surprise, I thought Atlético would have more strength, but Juve went over him and Cristiano had a magical night, all the teams are complicated now. The City, for example, or Ajax, which showed that it is a great team of young people without fear of anything, Liverpool has a lot of punching … “.
The triplet. “We must have peace of mind and prepare hard, which is what comes.”