My wife was promiscuous, told lover she enjoyed sex they had – husband


    The mystery behind the death of Ronke Shonde at Egbeda, Lagos suburb is just beginning as the husband has revealed that he overheard the wife telling the lover boy that she enjoyed the sex they had.

    He explained that he was not responsible for the death of the wife despite her infidelity.

    Lekan Shonde, who handed himself over to the Lagos State Police Rapid Response Squadron Monday added that the wife provoked him with her wayward sexual escapade culminating to her death.

    Shonke said that the wife, Ronke had travelled with her lover boy to Abuja where she slept with her in a hotel, saying that her illicit sexual acts with the General Manager of a publishing company threatened their eight years old marriage.

    Lekan, it was learnt works as a depot worker in the Apapa while the wife worked in GT bank until she was retrenched about three years ago.

    Regretting marrying Ronke against his mother’s advice, he explained that his late mother never wanted the union but had to go ahead with the marriage because of the love he has for the woman.

    The marriage blessed with two kids of six and four years old children, the couple lived like cat and dog with reported domestic abuses until last week when the man was alleged to have killed the wife and locked her inside the house with the two kids.

    However, confessing to what he knew about the death of the wife, Lekan said he did not kill the wife claiming that the last time he beat the wife was about three years ago saying since then, he had never touched her again until the unfortunate incident.

    His words, “Since I married my wife eight years ago, she has never bought anything into the house. I gave her N5, 000 on Saturdays and N3, 000 on Tuesdays for soup. I also gave her money to make her hair.

    “She was working with GTB as a marketer, but she got sacked three years ago. For that period, I was the one feeding her and taking responsibility for everything in the family. I would wash her pants, bath the children and buy foodstuffs in the house. She later got a job with a publishing company owned by her uncle.

    “But my wife changed sometime in March, when she started dating the general manger of a publishing company. My wife was going to the office from Monday to Sunday and she wasn’t going to church again, all because of this man. She called him ‘Eyitemi’ (My own).

    He said the father and friends compelled him to turn himself to the police. Soon after he met the RRS Commander, DCP Tunji Disu, he put a call to the father telling him that he has acted according to his directive. He was later handed over to the Headquarters, Lagos State Police Command, Ikeja for further investigation.

    He disclosed making attempt to commit suicide but was restrained by a blossom friend who advised him against it. His wish was that death should just snack him away saying no matter what he says would make people to believe that he did not kill his wife.

    However, during his conversation with his friend who was there with him at the RRS office and another friend identified as Gbenga Soloki, Lekan denied that he had no hand in the death of his wife. Even though he did not deny that they had quarrel a day before the incident. The cause of the quarrel, he admitted was infidelity. “I overheard her on phone discussing with one Kayode, who was her boss and lover that she enjoyed their last outing in Abuja.

    It was learnt that last week Friday, she went to Abuja and came back on Monday. “She never told me that the lover was there with her. I learnt later that the lover was there and they slept together in the same room for four days.

    “When she came back, she didn’t know I was inside the house. She started talking with the man on the phone that he really had fun with him and I didn’t know how to make love. She again said her private parts were paining her.”

    As a result, “I confronted my late wife and she confirmed that she was having a sexual relationship with her boss in the office.”

    On how she died, Lekan explained that after they quarrelled over her infidelity at night, they did not talk to each other before he slept. The following morning as he was about to leave for work, the wife held his leg begging for forgiveness. “I pushed her away. As I left the house, my son bolted the door behind me. Later, our nanny called to tell me what had happened. I immediately called my landlady’s daughter, who confirmed that my wife was dead. As I was rushing home, a neighbour called to say that policemen were there and I ran away. I love my wife; all my accounts are in her name. I bought her two cars and would not have wished for a better person for a wife. I did not kill her. She was hypertensive.”

    However, Lekan friend said only forensic analysis can vindicate him claiming that Lekan is a nice and calm person. “Unfortunately, the wife is not alive to tell the story.”