NBC denies lay off claim

    Nigerian Bottling Company (NBC) limited, has refuted the allegation making the rounds that the multinational company unscrupulously laid off some members of staff recently, on account of plant closure and other sundry reasons,while stating its commitment to focus expanded scope of investments and upgrade of its manufacturing facilities in Nigeria.

    The reports from a member of staff (name withheld)who according to him was working in the finance department until his unjust lay off, has it that some people were brought in to understudy their jobs after which they were eased out of the system paving way for the people in question to take over from them

    A recent visit to the Iddo head office of the company in Lagos by newsmen Mr Akomen Omijeh,Corporate Communication Manager, who denied that there was ever any instance at which staffers were laid off, though stressing he is not in the position to make pronouncements, as has a boss, Mrs Sade Morgan,Acting Head,Public Affairs and Communication who was not around, due to which he afforded us with information about the organization’s progression,dismissing the allegation as unfounded, untrue and frivolous, as it clearly negates the present situation of the company.

    He noted that NBC is currently expanding its scope of business and creating room for new recruitment process as more hands will be needed.

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    “When I joined this organisation,there was someone in my role,I filled in a role that was existing, it is not as if its a new role,maybe the person resigned or was laid off,because if in an organisation for example,just giving an example,if someone is not performing,its possible the person is laid off,they were five in this department and we are still five even now,

    “However, I am not the spokes person for the company,the spokes person who is my Director is not around so I wouldn’t want to be quoted,because I am not supposed to be speaking to the press on this issue,but I just have to come out to attend to you since my Director is not around,if they see my name in the newspaper now,it may not be okay”,Omijeh said.

    Meanwhile, in a follow up response,he made available to our correspondent a recent company statement made in an engagement session with the Acting Head of Public Affairs and Communication, NBC Limited, Mrs Sade Morgan, ,who addressed the issue of Ilorin plant’s closure that may lend credence to any allegation of staff lay off which according to them is not true, saying instead,the Company is upgrading its manufacturing operations, and the Ilorin facility is being transformed to become a world class material handling and logistics hub.

    The NBC Companys spokesperson further stated that, the restreaming of its operations in Ilorin is part of an on-going Accelerated Investment Plan, aimed at doubling production capacity by 2020, to better satisfy our customers and markets. Mrs Morgan added that Whilst manufacturing activities have ceased within the facility, the Company will continue to carry out logistics and commercial operations from that location, making it a major and expanded full-fledged depot and material handling facility.

    Mrs Morgan further stated that, demand for Coca-Cola products is high and growing, and in a bid to meet up with the sales projection trajectory in a competitive environment, more production lines are being installed in some of NBCs existing manufacturing facilities, most of which will be new. The new Ilorin depot facility, when completed, is expected to support new and upgraded production lines in the region to deliver the Companys products more efficiently and effectively to yearning customers and dealers within the South-West Region and beyond, in an environmentally sustainable way.

    NBC Limited is partnering with communities on its shared values of water stewardship, youth development and women empowerment. Collaborating with state governments, supporting female entrepreneurs with trade asset financing and business training for women entrepreneurs in the Coca-Cola value chain remains a top priority and a strategic part of the company annual business plan.