Nigeria joins call for eradication of nuclear weapons

    Nigeria has supported the initiative of the United Nations towards total elimination of nuclear weapons as a viable approach to closing the gaps that could be exploited by terrorist and other extremists groups.

    It is believed this forestall any non-state actor to obtain and use those weapons against global security architecture.

    Nigeria’s position was delivered in a statement presented at a high level plenary meeting to commemorate and promote total eradication of nuclear weapons by the Minister of Defence, Mansur Dan-Ali, on Monday at the UN general assembly meeting at the United Nations Headquarters, New York.

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    According to him, there are no easy solutions when we confront the gravest existential threat to our survival as a world of safety and security and are without the dangers posed by nuclear weapons and continued acquisition of the deadly weapons and their proliferation.

    Nigeria also observed that though nuclear armament can be used to invest for human development, however, nation states must show greater commitment towards eradicating them.

    The minsiter thanked the United Nations General Assembly for its efforts to address multifaceted issues of nuclear disarmament, security and safety, by facilitating deliberations and negotiations and for establishing legal instruments that will enhance cooperation among nation states and other stakeholders.