Nigeria may be consumed if… – Hon. Bisi Yusuff 

    By Lanre Adesanya 
    A Lagos lawmaker has stated that if the army of uneducated youths in the North is allowed to fester any further, safety standards in schools there would be much more compromised and our nationhood may be heading for disaster.
    Hon. Bisi Yusuff gave this note of warning, while chatting with newsmen in his office, he advised Northern governors to stem the fledging tide of illiteracy before it consumes them.
    Commenting on the root cause of the ugly trend, the lawmaker stated that illiteracy is a disease that could consume the nation in no distant future if unchecked .
    “It is a cankerworm that if care is not taken may consume the whole nation, we must find a lasting solution to the army of uneducated youths in this country. Somebody said in South Africa that if a nation wants to be destroyed, they should just neglect education.
    “It is a way of killing the nation. The Northern Governors should know what to do. We must find a lasting solution to illiteracy in this country. Said Yusuff.
    The lawmaker who also critique a statement made recently  by a former Nigerian Chief of Army Staff, Rt. Gen. T.Y Danjuma  inciting  Nigerians to defend themselves against insurgents, describing it as unexpected of a frontline Elder statesman of his calibre.
    The legislator who represents Alimosho constituency I at the Lagos State House of Assembly stated unequivocally that the whole matter would escalate if people start carrying arms.
    “Danjuma himself who had fought a war and seen the atrocities committed in such period,ought not be that emotional,he is a man I have a lot of respect for, yes we can defend ourselves but not in that manner, for instance a Yoruba man would not take gun before defending himself, rather they just need what my leader would call a common sense revolution”. He reiterated .