Nigeria sitting on keg of gun powder, says African Church Primate

    Primate of the African Church, Dr. Emmanuel Udofia has threw his weight behind the Christian Association of Nigeria on the spate of killings, noting that the country was on the precipice and sitting on a keg of gun powder.
    The Primate said this at a press conference to herald the 2nd biennial conference of the church held at the Holy Trinity Cathedral, Imepe, Ijebu Ode, Ogun State.
    He said the President was not doing enough to check the country’s slide into anarchy, urging the President to stop the killings of Christians in some parts of the country.
    According to the Primate” one of the proverbial statements of our elders says ‘the chicken sweats, but, it is not known to man because of its feathers’. ”
    “I acknowledge that Mr. President, within his human possibility, is doing his best, but, with the critical situation of Nigeria, the best as of today is not meeting the challenges of this day”, he said.
    While speaking on the spate of killings in some parts of the country, the cleric warned that if the necessary reactive actions were not taken” all of us are sitting on kegs of gun powders, with some playing with matches. Mr. President, you have to act now.
    On Nigerian youth, the cleric urged the Federal government to ensure the youths were molded to be useful to the country.
    He equally condemned the recent snatching of the mace in the Senate, describing the action as an exercise of power without regard. He said instead of the current bickering among the arms of government, they should close ranks and work together to make Nigeria the envy of other countries.
    He said, “The mace, the symbol of legislative authority took a flight and ended its excursion under a bridge in Abuja. What a melodrama one would have been watching in our home videos.
    “We have witnessed enough of the exercise of power without regard. The three arms of government should demonstrate a better understanding of the limitation of their powers and henceforth work in a more cooperative manner to legislate what will make this country the envy of other countries rather than become a theatre of comedians. ”
    He, however, called on all Nigerians to join hands to fight corruption as it had permeated every area of the society.
    The cleric urged Christians not to continue to be armchair critics but must also embrace politics to turn things around positively in the country, by contesting elective positions in the forthcoming election.