Nigeria to close embassies in Singapore, Sri Lanka, Serbia, Others


    Investigation by National Daily has revealed that the Nigerian government has finalized plans to shut down about twenty embassies across the world citing financial constraints and the non-viabilities of the affected embassies.

    National Daily gathered that the government planned to do the embassies shut down in phases beginning with six while the others would follow in due course.

    Among the embassies planned for closure are Nigeria Embassy in Serbia, Nigeria Embassy in Czech Republic, Nigeria Embassy in Hungary, Nigeria Embassy in Ukraine, Nigeria Embassies in Sri Lanka and Singapore respectively.

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    A senior diplomatic source who spoke to National Daily on the condition of anonymity said the Federal Government is citing economic crisis facing Nigeria as reasons for the planned closure of the affected embassies

    “Diplomats at the affected Missions have already been cross posted to other embassies across the world while those due to return to Nigeria are already rounding off their work with a view to returning to Nigeria,” the diplomat said.

    “The closure of some of these embassies in the defunct Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR) cause for great concern,” the senior diplomat said adding that “Nigeria government need to review its plans to close all these embassies”.

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