Nigerian woes, attendant of FESTAC 77,not periodic change in government – Evangelist Adunpe

    A Lagos-based cleric, Evangelist Felix Adunpe on Saturday said that freedom from Festival of Arts and Culture (FESTAC) ’77 seige remained Nigeria’s problem, not periodic change in government.

    Adunpe, the General Overseer of the Signs and Wonders Prayer Ministries Evangelical for All Nations, Uraka, Epe, Lagos told newsmen in Lagos that Nigeria needed deliverance from self-imposed bondage through FESTAC.

    He said that the problems plaguing Nigeria would not be fixed merely by removing President Muhammadu Buhari and replacing him in 2019.

    According to the cleric, it is false to believe or think that periodic change in government can bring desired progress and development to the country, as the nation moves to 2019 General Elections.

    “We need to come together and pray to God regardless of our religious beliefs if we must move forward as a nation.

    “We have tried both military and civilian governments and yet hope of
    better life for Nigerians remains a mirage.

    “Nigeria must be redeemed from sin of glorifying idols above God; we
    must pray for the country to be free from all forms of demonic powers troubling the country since 1977 FESTAC.

    The cleric, who said that God directed him to hold an Inter-denominational Crusade on April 27 at Mount Ikoyi (Ori-Oke Ikoyi), Isokan Local Government Area, Osun State to pray unto Him for liberation of Nigeria.

    Adunpe, who tagged the programme “Nigeria Must Be Redeemed’’ said if all political, traditional, religious and community leaders would join in the fasting and prayer, the country would move forward.

    Quoting Psalm 127 verse 1, the cleric said: “Except the Lord builds the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the Lord keep the city, the watchman wakes but in vain.

    “We cannot be doing same thing same way and expect a different results, we should not continue to waste money on elections
    periodically with false hope; we must go back to God.

    “This crusade, as directed by God, is very critical to our moving forward a people, so everybody must participate-the politicians,
    government officials, the ruling class especially must support it.

     “We should leave our confort zones to join in this prayer programme.

    “Let’s the President, governors, federal and state lawmakers and others in the corridor of powers join me in praying for this country.
    We have suffered enough.

    “They have to come to mount Ikoyi where God said we should pray. If all Nigerians will join hands with this fast and prayer, Nigeria’s
    numerous problems are solved according to what God told me.

    “If we can leave seven days to call on God and settle our problems spiritually, it is better than our struggling this many years without
    result,’’ the Evangelist said.

    Adunpe said that the seven days fast and prayers which would commence on April 21 on individual basis would be rounded off on April 27 at the mount with powerful prayer of deliverance.

    According to him, Nigeria must pray to enjoy peace and unity, pray for all leaders and ruling classes and for removal of all spiritual
    hindrances against our economic growth.

    He added that Nigeria must pray for eradication of occultism, terrorism and all other social unrest as well as against frustration, internal strives and war.

    The cleric, who noted that it was 40 years ago when the country exalted idols through FESCTAC said everyone that had the interest of the country, should join him.

    He, however, called on spirited individuals and organisations for support in the area of transportation, mobile toilet, musical
    instruments, search light, transmission projectors, adverts, bulldozers to clear parking space among others.