Nigerian youth will facilitate the achievements of Citizen Centred Service Delivery Orientation in Workplaces ­– Oyo-Ita


    The Head of Civil Service of the Federation, Mrs. Winifred Ekanem Oyo-Ita, has said that appropriate targeting of employees in the youth bracket of 20-35 years will facilitate the achievement of a citizen centred service delivery Orientation in workplaces that the country desire.

    Mrs. Oyo-Ita stated this in her welcome address at the public service lecture on the occasion of the 2017 Nigeria Public Service Day celebration in Abuja.

    According to the Head of Civil Service, it was in appreciation of this advantage that the 2017-2019 Strategy of Head of the Civil Service of the Federation launched by the Acting President in the early part of the year has been stream lined and its implementation prioritized to target culture change programmers in the Civil Service with focus on the Youths. Describing the Civil Service as the most potent and viable instrument available all over the world for the formulation and implementation of policies and programmes of Government, She enjoined the public servants to avail themselves the opportunities provided by the public lecture to deepen and expand their knowledge; improve their capacities and hone their competencies for the performance of their duties and responsibilities.

     Mrs. Oyo-Ita further noted that for the civil service to remain relevant in the fast changing and highly technological modern work environment, it is important that the civil servants individually and collectively strive at continuous capacity building to meet the challenges.

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    She further stressed the importance of the application of information technology in the administration of government, particularly in payment and human resources management. The Head of Civil Service of the Federation further stated that it was in line with this that her administration has started the implementation of the Human Resources administration in the service which also on the other side has generated some challenges for Civil Servants working in the Human Resource Management Department.

    Mrs. Oyo-Ita also stated that the 2017 Civil Service Lecture will broaden the appreciation of the Civil Service for investing in the capacity of the youths in order to achieve enduring and sustaining transformation of Africa. In his lecture with the Theme:  Enhancing a citizen centred service delivery culture; partnering with the youth for Africa’s transformation, The guest lecturer Dr. Salami Adetoyin of the Lagos business school noted that the youth are, undoubtedly, the most valuable resource of a country- and a continent, the foundation on which the future stands, and the means for delivering on the prospects and potentials of the human experience. He furthers posited that in Nigeria, the youths constitute both a huge source of hope and anxiety, in terms of what they represent for the national fortune and the gross inadequacy of the planning being presently made on their behalf. The former Head of civil service of the federation, Engr. Ebele Okeke who chaired the event called on the Civil Service and government to be youth centric in their programme of governance.