NIMC registers 31m Nigerians for NIN

    National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) says it had captured over 31 million Nigerians in its database as at July 2018.

     Mr Loveday Chika, head of Corporate Communications, said the figure comprised of both adults and children, adding that minors constituted about 255,794 of the total figure.

    He told newsmen in Abuja that  “Enrolment of minors is ongoing and has no age bracket, parents are encouraged to bring children that are one year and above so that the camera can capture their faces very well.

    “What we have observed is that it is difficult to take pictures of children below one year, so we advise parents to wait until their kids are one year old.

    “The process is that either of the parents must enroll first and produce his or her name upon which the details of the child will be enrolled to be able to establish a family history.

    “This is because until a child turns 16, his or her biometrics is not fully formed, so we are able to put information about him on the family line.

    “Once the child turns 16 he or she can come forward with birth certificate as a supporting document and update his or her biometrics,” he said.

    Chika added that it is after the update that the child would be issued with a National Identification Number (NIN) card.

    “We do not issue card to people below 16,” he said.

    Chika described as encouraging the number of children so far registered by the commission, saying that the turnout is expected to increase with the current school vacation.

    He, however, advised that Nigerians should utilise the opportunity to get registered, adding that NIN has so many social benefits which include access to government services, especially for individuals who do not have bank accounts.

    “NIN will enable you to have an identity which you can use to access money, for instance, if the government is paying any money, without your bank account money can be paid to you through NIN.

    “It also enables you to assert your identity; nobody mistakes you for another; no matter how identical you are, NIN singles you out.